Here is my collection of 1:18 Supercars. As you can imagine, I almost haven’t any more room left. On the whole lot. The Maserati MC-12 invariably & still right here The Giallo Modena Ferrari LaFerrari from Hot Wheels Elite With the black roof. That is one of my most up-to-date items Koenigsegg AgeraS I wanted to have a Koenigsegg in mycollection for a at the same time now but I certainly not doubt around buying one because both costs were too high or simply did not have, you already know, the sensation of shopping and once I was in Geneva I ultimately did it .

This has been around for a while now My Lamborghini LP670-4 SV The Ferrari F50 GT… It’s a alternatively infrequent model And not many are to be found unless you pay loopy amounts of money I had a very good deal on this one to be honest The Aventador….There you go The McLaren F1 You ought to have a McLaren F1 in the supercar collection Ferrari f50 right here is an extra certainly one of my new models that you can also not have obvious The Koenigsegg Agera S yes, i’ve two Koenigsegg Agera S.Two models distinctive equal units also bought it in Geneva on the Koenigsegg sales space it is extremely good i really like the colours on this one and that one they convey so much more craziness inside this entire collection that is an additional factor I purchased lately it can be the Peugeot 905 it’s a group C race car I fairly find it irresistible.

First time I saw it racing was once in Paul Ricard for the period of the ten thousand excursions du Castellet So I quite often fell in love with the auto and good it can be French. So you recognize, french satisfaction blah blah blah up to now nothing else has converted in the rest. My (Mercedes) CLK GTR AMG (Pagani) Zonda Cinque I believe I made a video of those two These two. The Bugatti Veyron Centenaire edition This one is the Achille Varzi The chrome/red (extra like crimson). Whereas this one Is the Hernann Zu Leiningen (beige and chrome) My favorite car inthe world – the Ferrari Enzo In yellow, as a rule my favourite colour as well Yellow Ferrari F50 next to red F40 & McLaren SLR Stirling Moss I closed it when you consider that so there’s no dust The Ferrari 333SP generally considered one of my favourite racing cars from Ferrari Like seriously, even the XX I mean most likely the XX are particularly cool however the 333SP…Well you have to hear.Gowatch my videos about it To get a glimpse at what i’m speaking bout the Porsche Carrera GT yellow beautiful car Ferrari 599 GTB In chrome finish with black wheels it can be an present vehicle that’s in France also at the least was once in France, no inspiration as of in these days where it’s stunning I would not have a GTO however who knows probably sooner or later i’ll exchange this one for a GTO however I kinda like this one on the grounds that it can be certain red Ferrari Enzo Porsche GT3RS .

That used to be a present to me through A model automobile enterprise The Bugatti Veyron Blue Centenaire attractive car wonderful light inside this is the Ferrari 599 xx quantity 27 hmm yeah good i love the color combo ad considering that i’m lacking a lot of space My white FXX subsequent to my yellow FXX i like the white considering the fact that it’s two tones of whites and good simply wonderful.Here’s a mannequin I didn’t talk about very a lot the Ferrari 288 GTO in black 288 GTO in black I in no way certainly stated I bought that thing since it was a compulsive buy and i’m not too pleased about it. It looks bigger than the rest the fine looks inferior to the others to be honest but you recognize… I don’t know what i am gonna do with it Which is why it can be not there with the others, you realize. But nonetheless it can be a first-rate car we’ll see what I do with it. And here….. Hiding the Lamborghini Murcilago (by means of Bburago) and good you recognize about this auto already so there you go well, there was once a rapid overview, resume of my precise collection hmm … Hope you enjoyed it !! As a lot as I enjoy watching at them every day each hour sincerely So there you go



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